Ergonomics Programme Management

Ergonomics Programme Management

What services can the Ergonomist provide?

  • Ergonomics programme management
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Job and task analysis
  • Office audit and risk assessment
  • On-site ergonomics evaluations for local staff
  • Ergonomist on-site visits to regional offices
  • Evaluations through video conferencing for staff in regional offices
  • On-site ergonomist for office moves planning and the first day of business (FDOB)
  • Educational sessions
  • Procurement and consultancy on new office design
  • Development of Wellness programme with ergonomics support in regional offices
  • Development of Office Wellness Programme
  • Development of Ergonomist Liaison Programme
  • Provide educational resources and talks on preventing musculoskeletal disorders, ergonomics and wellness.

    What can an Ergonomist do for your company?

    • An Ergonomist can Implement and maintain the ergonomics process, identify and reduce ergonomic risk factors with cost-effective workplace improvements by conducting ergonomic evaluations, prioritize and implement solutions, and evaluate effectiveness.
    • Implement and maintain an early intervention process to uncover early warning signs of musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries and prevent them from happening.
    • Be involved in an office move and office design to ensure all future workspaces are suitable and meet the needs of the users.

    How often could the Ergonomist come on-site/provide virtual support?

    Our on-site ergonomics services are tailor-made and flexible to the needs of your company/office. We would work with you to find out what your company’s needs are and, from there, determine the frequency of the on-site required.

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