Office Moves & First Day Of Business

Office Moves & First Day Of Business

What support can an Ergonomist provide after an office move?

On-site support for the first day of business and office moves. The Ergonomist can perform ergonomic office sweeps include attending to each employee. During this time the Ergonomist can help each person to set up their workstation.

Why have an Ergonomist for your office move or the first day of business?

The benefits of this include assisting employees to set up in a neutral posture to prevent the development of any musculoskeletal skeletal disorders because of poor posture. The general education on the importance of ergonomics can reduce the likelihood or employees experiencing pain or discomfort while working at their desks.

What is an office sweep?

Office sweeps involve a brief ergonomic assessment of each workstation within the workplace aimed at preventing issues before they arise.


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